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What Dating Experts Don't Tell You

The Internet is littered with so-called experts in health, fitness, DIY, legal advice, underwater basket weaving, and most of advice.

It’s this last point that we want to talk about. These so-called experts in "How To Get A Girl"

Dating Expert - Matthew Hussey

are destroying the male mind, particularly young men. They’ve somehow convinced an audience that they have broken the code on how to get laid. And unfortunately, because we have not put up sufficient and suitable mentors to these impressionable young minds, they have made these Experts their leader.

We recall reading a New Yorker article several years ago that estimated NYC men spend more than $10,000 a year in dating. Given the rate of inflation, that number has to be more. Of course, not everyone is dropping $10K chasing tail, but if you do the math for your own expenses you might find yourself smacked with painful reality.

There’s 3 things that most dating experts won’t tell you:

1) The only thing that they may have a leg up on versus the majority of other men is that they have the confidence to go after numbers. Not phone numbers, but volume. This mean that they will eat 20 to 30 rejections in a night in order to get two or three phone numbers.

2) Most, if not all of these “experts“ are relatively good looking by common standards, so naturally the odds are in their favor. This isn’t to say that a guy less attractive can’t get a girl or a phone number in a night, but if we’re being honest, you have 15 seconds to get and keep a girls attention before she decides if she’s going to entertain your pitch. And that’s not enough time to let your winning personality or funny and charming wit shine through.

3) These guys are just selling you a product. In many cases, it’s just snake oil, but the truth is that money you’re going to send to some guy who says he can make you a player in five days or less can be used to invest in yourself. And this is the crux of our argument.

Instead of spending money on how to find pussy you should be spending your money on a course that will show you how to make a profit. And if you ask anyone who has carved out a piece of the universe for themselves and is successful, they will all tell you that getting women is not a problem for them. That’s the only advice you need and we're giving it to you for free.

You can chase women or you can chase success, but you can’t do both. At least not very well. Speaking in financial terms, the majority of women that you’re chasing are most likely a commodity whose value will depreciate overtime. Think of it like a car whose value drops the second you drive it off the lot. Now, if you’re an ordinary man, and you are investing in yourself, you are an asset whose value will grow over time. Consider yourself as a business whose purpose is to generate revenue and re-invest the profits into yourself in order to grow. To be absolutely clear, there are women out there who are also assets, and only then may be worth your time to pursue, but just as you’re building your brand and have little time for other distractions (like women) she too has little time for distractions (like you). That is of course, she sees you as an asset that can be a catalyst to her own brand building.

We're not suggesting that you go on some semen retention sabbatical or forgo a social life. What we are suggesting is that dating and distractions come second or third to the work you need to do in order to become successful. If you haven’t finished school, if you haven’t established your career, if you’re not financially stable and just have loads of debt, if you’re unhealthy or overweight, if you have not defined your purpose, you have no business chasing pussy. Get the above mentioned things in order and you will be spoiled for choice. Again, ask any man that has achieved success if they have any problems getting a date on Friday night.

In 5, 10, or 20 years, we promise you that you will not be sitting around thinking about the advice “Johnny six-pack“ gave you on YouTube or your paid course on "5 easy steps to getting laid". But, you will be glad that you took that Udemy course, listened to Blinkest audio books during your drives to and from work, Took that welding course, finished that degree, started that business, made that investment, and now you’re looking at your banking app and seeing six or seven figures in your savings account.

And now that you have achieved greatness, you’ll attract greatness and women who are your equal and not just some bird to clip for the night (of course, you’ll have plenty of those choices too).

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