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What is Unordinary Men And Why Did We Start It?

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Welcome to the start of something old. Masculinity has been around since...well, the beginning of man. However, it seems that everywhere you turn there is an attack on masculinity, manhood, and even the very word, “man”.

Why are we starting Unordinary Men?

Well...someone has to! Today’s men or those coming of age are weaker than their fathers. Male suicide is at an all-time high. There are 6 women for every four men that are enrolled in college - the largest gender gap in history. There is an attack by politicians, activists, and the media on young boys and men coming of age that is preventing them from growing up to meet their full potential.

We feel that the decline of masculine identity is a health crisis because eons of biology are being disregarded and boys are being told to ignore and reject their natural impulses. They are told these feelings are wrong. Suppressing one’s true identity has led to depression and even suicide. Isn’t this the same argument used for boys and girls who denied their homosexuality? Why is it different for boys that deny their masculinity?

We also feel this is a national security crisis. Wars are not won with technology - they’re decisively won by cunning and hardened intelligent soldiers that are the front lines nose to nose with the enemy. Who will fight our wars when all the men are gone? An extensive study was done by the Marine Corp that demonstrated during combat skills all-male units performed better than mixed-gender ones. Furthermore, One measure showed that the musculoskeletal injury rate for women was 40.5%, compared with 18.8% for men.

Let’s be clear, this is not a MGTOW site, or women bashing forum (ok, maybe some types of women), nor do we stand for homophobic or intolerant positions. Our goal is to cultivate authentic masculinity.

What is “masculinity”?

We’re not going to define that for you. Instead, we're going to make some basic tenants of masculinity and it’s up to you to create your framework from it. What we're sure of is its not is what Vogue or the media is telling you masculinity should be.

Basic Tenets

  • Lead, follow or get the fuck out of the way

  • Lift heavy shit - often

  • Pursue Purpose - not p#$&y

  • Never compromise your morals

  • Never fear conflict

  • Challenge all opinions even your own

  • Learn

  • Callous your mind - Do something hard every day

  • Protect yourself

Were not prepared to say this is an exhaustive list but it’s the bones of the body of manhood.

What to expect?

We’ll look at the topic of masculinity and neo-masculinity and challenge ideas and raise suspicions in the attempt to entertain, enlighten, and inspire a generation of men that will save us from ourselves.

Send us your thoughts, suggestions, and comments to We’d love to hear from you. Unless you’re an asshole - then shut up and keep your opinions to yourself. No one wants to hear from you.

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