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No Thirst Quenching Here?

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

According to most analytics, 80% of YouTube watchers are men. According to most statistics, 45% of Internet usage is in the consumption of porn. According to most statistics, the average American will spend over $121k on dating in their lifetime.

Now I get that I haven’t been on YouTube long and our podcast has grown and its popularity has exceeded our expectations, our message and mission may not have been made explicitly clear to those that follow us or tune in to our episodes.

Now, let me be clear that I’m thankful for every follower and subscriber to our podcast and YouTube channel. But I would be remiss in my responsibility to you if I didn’t use this opportunity to address an email that I received from one of our subscribers asking us to produce more dating and PUA Content.

The Unordinary Men movement entered this conversation because we believe that masculinity and men are under attack and we could no longer idly stand by without raising our voice developing a platform building a community to bring light to the emasculation of men, the feminization of society, and the degradation of the family unit. We do this through open dialogue on our podcast channels where we share ideas about how to build your best self, interview thought leaders that have been living a purposeful masculine life, and even engage in dialogue to understand the logic of neo masculine antagonists. Ultimately, every medium that we share our message On is designed to expand on the basic tenets of masculinity.

Unfortunately, even after this short time, our messages are being conflated with the red pill and black pill Self-described gurus who are mislabeling Masculinity with lame pick up artistry. Now, I’m not interested in throwing shade at anyone’s hustle. Lord knows we will get our fair share, which frankly I don’t care about, but the unordinary man Is not concerned about being a player. He’s intent on owning the chessboard. He appreciates women but is not a thirst bucket that has to get laid. Most importantly, an unordinary man doesn’t subscribe to any logic that makes anyone second-class citizens and treats people as utilities. Our community is not designed or developed to be about pick-up artistry, we are not a red pill, blue pill, black pill, purple pill, or any pill community, we are a community of men of distinction who are about their purpose. And it’s infuriating, yet I understand why men are so thirsty. They wake up thinking about chasing tail, they spend money they don’t have on chasing tail, they spend money they don’t have in paying these so-called gurus and how to bang 100 chicks a month. Men were once raised to protect and to provide to preside.

Chasing tail was never something that young men were raised to do.

Those who lived authentic and purposeful masculinity naturally attracted women. Somehow and someway the game has changed and now these charisma gurus have found a niche and a place in the market or to sell their pop psychology and are leaving men broke and broken. Some of these courses cost as much as $5000 with no guarantee of success. Even if there was a guarantee of success, for most people $5000 is a month's salary and you’re going to put that money towards an investment, and I hate that I’m calling it an investment because it suggests that there is value, but that $5000 will never mature into a tangible valuable asset even if it teaches you how to smash 1000 women in six months the best it can do is give you

some good stories and maybe an STD whereas taking $5000 and investing it into a trade course, funding your business idea, putting it into an investment vehicle, those dollars are very likely to come back to you in multiples. Do we offer self-improvement courses and coaching? Absolutely! But our community is built on bringing you a return on investment or at least a return on expectation.

Chasing tail does not bring a return on investment, it is an expense. We all have enough bills.

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