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Is The UM Movement Changing Course?

It’s the little things that matter. Oftentimes, it's the little things that are the most important. If you happen to notice some changes on the website and in our social media channels, then, thank you! This means that you're actually paying attention and you're engaged in what we are trying to do.

For those that might not have noticed any changes or are new to our Brotherhood, we updated our logo from a caricature lion head to an image more profound, perhaps comical, but nevertheless compelling. The symbol of the lion to represent masculinity is not new, in fact the lion has been a prominent symbol of strength and masculinity going back to Biblical times and Christianity all the way through the ages and across cultures, to include but not limited to, Asia, the British Isles, Native American culture, even Disney’s, The Lion King.

But the most considerable change that we made was subtle, barely noticeable, but is deeply rooted into the mission and mine set of what we are trying to espouse in our movement.

We started the Unordinary Men movement out of a sense of necessity and purpose. We wrestled for a long time debating how we were going to enter the conversation and occupy the space that would differentiate us from others that were already in the “manosphere”. We agreed with some, disagreed with most, but always respected the opinions of content creators and influencers who we're leading conversations on what masculinity was, is, and should be today.

Which is why all previous slogan, “Cultivate Authentic Masculinity”, Never “fit the ear” well and just seemed to echo what everyone else was saying. While authentic masculinity is real, it's also very hard to define, because authenticity is unique to the individual And subject to interpretation. Also, “authentic masculinity” is also a banal battle cry used too often to describe men and their pursuit to be their best selves.

This is why we have chosen to make a small but meaningful change to our slogan which is now, “Cultivate Purposeful Masculinity”. We believe that by living purposely you are able to exercise masculinity more meaningfully and consistently. It's just the switch of two words, but authenticity and purpose are considerably different words. You can live authentically without purpose but you cannot live purposely without authenticity. Every man on this Earth was born to fulfill a purpose unique to them, and our tenets of masculinity only serve as a framework to help them achieve that purpose. As we evolved on hour journey and pursuit of constant learning, we came to realize that you cannot successfully live by the tenants of masculinity without purpose and to do so would be disingenuous to yourself and those you love and would not be authentic and flew in the face of our slogan of cultivating authentic masculinity.

We didn't corner the market on great ideas and our movement for men to embrace their masculinity will not be easy and will not be a straight path, but we will learn, evolve, fight for what we believe is right, and cultivate purposeful masculinity

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