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They Won't Leave You Alone

There is a quote that is occasionally falsely attributed to Edmund Burke that goes” the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to stand by and do nothing.

Recently while sitting around and chopping it up with a couple of my buddies the conversation of the educational system and the things being taught became the topic at hand and how there are new subjects being introduced, new methods of learning being deployed, standards being lowered, and suspicions being raised all happening in the classroom of both elementary and university schools across the United States. The ironic thing is that on both sides of the aisle of the people that I know most don’t agree with what is happening. Liberal or conservative Democrat, independent, or Republican, the majority of people that I know and have spoken to directly either do not like or are at the very least suspicious of what is happening in our classrooms. However, that’s not the surprising part. Of the majority of those who are alarmed when I asked, “ what are you doing about it?” The most common answer I got was, “what do you mean?” What do you mean what do I mean? Have you spoken to the teacher? Have you spoken to the school administrator? Have you attended a school board meeting? Are you prepared to raise a fuss? Nearly all of them said no or said nothing. Many of them just said, "I just want them to leave me alone!"

And that is the problem. They are ARE going to leave you alone, you’re an adult, you’ve already made up your mind, you’re already someone with developed thoughts and ideas.

However, your children are blank canvases on which they can design and code onto their impressionable minds whatever doctrine they desire. If you think that the former Virginia governor's statement or the now-deleted Tweet of the Michigan Democratic Party claiming that parents do not have a right to be a part of their children’s education was unique to them, You are sadly mistaken. They were just the only ones bold enough or foolish enough to say

it out loud. If you like quotes here’s another one, “the squeaky wheel always gets the grease”. So when you ask yourself why some of these measures being passed that defy logic and common sense exist it’s because of squeaky wheels.

Think about the small breakout group of the tea party nearly broke the republican party? How is it that less than a dozen of democratic socialists are bringing the Democratic Party to its knees? Gentlemen and for the sake of solidarity and the sake of our children dare I say ladies and anyone concerned about the state of our union. They will not leave us alone, they

will not leave your children alone, they will not leave your grandchildren alone. There is a movement to redefine the values of America and the values of the family into a framework that has failed in every application throughout the world throughout history.

There is an idea that politics is downstream from culture" and that to change politics one must first change the culture. Politicians will do what is popular, not proper. If you don’t think politicians bend to the way of culture, then why in heavens name did anyone think that Cardi B was a qualified interviewer for then Joe Biden when he was running for president? She was culturally popular, not politically relevant. And right now the squeaky wheel of Socialism and fascism under the guise of the progressive movement is defining the culture.

Let me interject here for those of you listening not for entertainment, or enlightenment or, education, but to find fodder for your cancel-culture bonfire. I am not talking about building

a white America, because if you know anything about me I'm a proud Spanish-American. If you know anything about my show, it is our intent to remain politically neutral, it is not about building a paternal America as I never really knew my father and some of my best mentors were women who taught me the true virtues of manhood and masculinity, I am not talking about a straight America having grown up seeing my best friend raised by two mothers who loved each other very much and raised two fine young men who grew up to be the very definition of masculinity and had decorated and honorable careers both as Marines and I was fortunate enough to have two men as neighbors who were unofficially married and coming from a broken home they were the examples of what love between two people looked like.

What I am talking about is the indoctrination of the anti-American sentiment, the elimination of standardized testing, treating everyone equally instead of fairly, everyone talking about

equity but not equal effort, the flawed and failed deployment of common core, which has been re-labeled so many times even the teachers don’t know what they’re teaching, The weaponization of our children’s mind teaching propaganda that western civilization is evil and its history should be thrown away. The hypersensitivity and cavalier attitude that sharing history, not of your own lineage is cultural appropriation. Children know more about the Communist Manifesto and Karl Marx than they know about the US Constitution and Abraham Lincoln. In some people's ignorance, they believe everything is rooted in racism. And while America’s history is far from perfect in keeping with the values on which it was founded, it doesn’t mean that we can’t learn from his lessons.

If history has its flaws, and there are of course many, it doesn’t mean it gets thrown away because people think it’s poisonous. People pump poison into themselves every day and it’s perfectly OK. Botulism is a highly deadly bacteria but so many people inject it into our lips and foreheads because they call it Botox, why not get rid of the foxglove plant and eradicate it from the earth since it is so poisonous, no wait, we need it to make the life-saving drug of digoxin. World War II and the holocaust were highly disturbing events let’s just forget about that. We won’t, because our Jewish friends got it right, they will never forget, nor should we.

Many American School Systems have also sacrificed the idea of excellence. Our Kids Aren’t Being Educated, They’re Being Indoctrinated, They are not being taught how to think, but what to think. Children are being taught that biological sex doesn’t exist, that words can be an act of literal violence, and that the most important thing about a person is their group identity. And all of this is being presented as fact. What teachers are doing and administrators are condoning is very much an attempt to mold the "political, moral, and religious opinions" of children -- starting in kindergarten.

According to a 2021 Pew Research study on global reputation more people in Italy, Greece, Spain, the UK, and Taiwan think the US is a good example for other countries to follow than people in the US! Europeans’ attitudes towards the United States have undergone a massive change. Majorities in key member states now think the US political system is broken, and that Europe cannot just rely on the US to defend it. There are geopolitical consequences to American weakness. A majority believe that China will be more powerful than the US within a decade.

We have to be more vocal, we have to be more present, we can no longer standby and we should not wait for it to go away. It’s not, we have to get involved, we have to start campaigning, we have to start complaining. We have to start defining our American culture, remembering our history instead of tearing it down, good bad, or indifferent it happened and we can’t pretend it never did because when it happens again it will be no one’s fault but our own.

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