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Meet Lugo

Veteran, entrepreneur, author,

father and motivational speaker

After serving his country for nearly a decade in the United States Army Infantry, Nathan Lugo, more commonly known as “Lugo” took his leadership skills and grit to start several businesses, with some failing miserably and others with successful and profitable exits. A dynamic and decisive C-Level executive with substantial change and growth leadership experience and an extensive international, operations, and financial background, he has led and managed organizations in a variety of manufacturing, retail, and distribution industries.


He now advises new and seasoned entrepreneurs and business leaders on branding, scaling, and navigating a global supply chain. Having seen the landscape of strafe against the concept of masculinity and the capitulation of identity and purpose by men misinformed or misled to believe their worth is dependent on someone else, he has launched a campaign to look at the topic of masculinity and neo-masculinity and challenge ideas and raise suspicions in the attempt to entertain, enlighten, and inspire today’s men.


His e-book, “Cultivating Authentic Masculinity” has seen tens of thousands of downloads, and he hosts a weekly podcast, “The Unordinary Men Podcast,” where he and his guests discuss the state of masculinity, leadership, career & business, dating and relationships, and building a secure financial future.

You can have results or excuses. But, you can't have both


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